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Why (& How) Vintage Things Create a Feeling of Belonging

Ever had the feeling that you’re all alone in the world? That lonely, emptiness I feel in the pit of my stomach sometimes makes me cry, and other times, it makes me indifferent. Either way, I have no appetite for good food, for inquisitive relatives or for prying, so-called “friends.” These are the times that I’m in a room of people, but no one sees me. Or so it seems.


One day, in the not-so-distant past, I was at a Christmas party ...that I didn’t want to attend in the first place. Not long after arriving, that empty, lonely feeling swept over me like a wave!

“Why are these people talking about those judgmental, small-minded things?” I wondered to myself, as I wandered into the adjacent hallway…& away from the dreary, negative conversation that was going on around me.

When I entered the hallway, there was a rocking chair in the corner, that instantly made me think of my grandfather. I used to call him, “Pops.” And I miss him so much!

The very instant I saw the chair, my state of mind changed! A smile, (that I wasn’t aware of), came to my face. Then, another guest noticed me, and greeted me with, “Hi, glad to see you made it!”

Needless to say, the evening did improve {somewhat} from there.

That feeling of: ‘I’m the only one here,’ is as judgmental as anything else...because, actually, we are never alone. This illusion is just another emotion. Nothing more.

I belong here. My opinion is important, and I don’t have to agree with everyone else, or anyone else. That’s the beauty of Belonging!

And... Isn’t it amazing how material things associated with ‘good times’ transform a reactionary state-of-mind, into a reflecting state-of-mind, a mind reflecting on the reality of eternal life and love.

That’s why I love Vintage things!

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