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Something For the Grinch of the Group - Free Healing E-book

Now is the time to celebrate...friends, family, holidays and life. But with so much going on around us, with the world in turmoil and conflict, it’s difficult to feel joy in the midst of it all. How do I heal my hurting heart?

Now is the time to find a quiet place somewhere in your heart, to focus on yourself and your dreams and desires. 

Now is the time for prayer, and giving, and sharing, and loving on one another. Now, more than ever, the world is in need of Love!

While I am feeling so much pain in my heart, I will get up, "get outside of myself," and say "hello" to someone. Suddenly, somehow, I feel better. This is just the beginning of my healing. Give away your smile and a kind word. These are free gifts you can give.

Whatever your beliefs, views, creed or culture, we are all human beings who need one another to survive. 

So, this holiday season, look within, and begin the healing process. And anyway, the real process begins in my heart. Then, my mind can change and I can feel your sorrow, your pain, imaginge your challenges –- seeing others in an entirely different way that allows us to be “human” towards one another, connecting us world-wide like a community of people under one sky! 

Love your neighbors as yourself.
To help you heal, befriend someone today.

This is the e-book that changed my life, and turned my darkness into day. Literally, this is the reading that made me look at myself with compassion & patience, and see my neighbor in a different, more compassionate way, too! 


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