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Secret Strategy to Quickly Relieve the New Year's Blues

2021 is finally here. Hallelujah!

Most of the world has seen, no doubt, one of the worse years endured for a very long time. I mean, not just for some, but for Everyone. The pandemic has touched the lives of not only every American, but everyone in the entire world.

Not to mention, all the challenges that come with a pandemic. The list is long and exhausting!

I predict 2021 has to be better. And…here is a quick way to chase away fear and anxiety.

Now that we have turned the page to a new year, remembering loved-ones who are no longer with us, yet reflecting on the way they made us feel, making us smile and cheering our hearts, We still see color in the Everywhere-ness of life!

In my hometown, it's Carnival Time…time to celebrate life, love, community & lots of color…Colors everywhere in our possessions and in all of Nature, as well…

Stop and take a breath! Take a step into the future! Go outside, and Look up!

The sky is unchanged. The clouds are still creating fascinating formations, and the moon-light can still be seen on a clear night!

No wonder we can still enjoy nature, the wonder of the change-of-seasons, the singing of the birds and barking of the neighborhood dogs, the glistening sparkle of the sun on the snow! Nature has not changed.

Nature still gives of itself:

  • Flowers,

  • Birds

  • Natural gemstones…

...all reminding us of how blessed we are to be alive … to be healthy or … on our way to "a healing" …

…and blessed to be able to simply, love oneself!

There is a magic Transformation-of-spirit …

… found in the secret of meditation, reflection and gratitude!

The 3-2-1 Secret Strategy:

*Think & name 3 things you are grateful for,

*Think & remember 2 people you truly love, & finally,

*Reflect on 1 time you felt like laughing.


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