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How to Heal Your Spirit (Feeling alone?)

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I need to decide if I’m going to continue "feeling" lonely, and if I can shake this feeling at all. Right now, I’m so confused, I could cry!

The fact is...If I go “off the rails,” no one is going to care. Few will miss me, and that may be because I’m so angry about "feeling" lonely!

But how do I change this feeling of loneliness & isolation & anger? How do I shake this? Where is the way out of this misery?

Take 3 steps, & soon you'll be on the "other" side.

First, take a breather. Not just a deep breath. A real change. Move. Move around. Walk around. Go outside or somewhere other than where you are. Change in location, situation, position...Change is not just good. It’s absolutely necessary right now.

Health experts agree that simply going outside, and spending a few quiet minutes with nature enhances your spiritual well-being, and it will relax your mind.

Focus on what you see...whatever it is.

  • “Look how green the grass grows.”

  • “Look at those old dirty tires.”

  • “Check out the way the concrete has turned color in some spots.”

  • “Ever noticed the designs on the man-covers?”

  • Make note of anything and everything you see, so that your mind is occupied with something other than what is causing your anger or anxiety.

Next, start counting your blessings. Are you breathing? That’s one blessing.

Can you see? That’s #2.

Can you hear? #3

Is there anything to eat and drink in your house?

Do you have a house or an apartment?

What else can you count as a good thing in your life?

Any amount of health?

Is there anyone or anything you like?

Finally, decide once and for all, that the decisions you make are connected with the Universe and that connection, connects you with every other human being! The harvest of Creation is creativity.

So...start Creating!

Start a journal.

Write a friend.

Send an email.

Start a blog.

Comment on a Social Media post.

Join a forum about one of your interests.

Draw a picture of something

Write something!

There is so much hate, and sorrow, misery, fear, and natural disasters that wipe out entire towns...maybe I need to focus on something positive...Anything Positive!

But when you think about it, all good things have an “origin” somewhere in the human experience...

The thoughts in my mind began in my heart. My heart is broken. Am I angry? Feeling all alone in the world?

But, yet my heart still holds compassion, understanding, a feeling for you...a feeling that I still care what happens to you.

That’s the difference.

When I examine the anatomy of the human eye, the change of day to night, the burning feeling inside of me when I think about someone I love, the growth process of a seed into a blooming plant, aquatic life in the oceans...Who is doing this?

Why does the sun rise? Where do the planets come from? How does that baby form inside Mommy’s tummy?

What about my emotions? Where do these feelings come from?

Talk to God.

Believe that God hears when you pray, and answers!

I don’t remember when I started to feel better, or when the loneliness started to wane. But I know that it did wane, and

  • taking the time to breathe,

  • to get away for awhile,

  • to think,

  • to decide to pray...

made a huge difference in my life, and now...I’m healing.

Our bodies will grow old and eventually decay. But the feelings never die. You may forget what I did or said, but you won’t forget how I made you feel.

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