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Bogged Down? Locked Up? Get Out!

There was a young man who, although he was loving, loveable & kind, had a tendency to provoke those who abused their power.

When he saw something that wasn’t right or just, he‘d rave against it! As a result, those powerful people wrongly accused him, arrested him, & finally, even put to death!

As painful as it was, his mother refused to be locked in anger. The rage and bitterness consumed her long enough to cause sleepless, long, tormented nights and days. She was miserable. It seemed she was locked 🔒 into a dizzying spiral of hate!

Ready to do anything to get some relief, she threw open the back door of her small house, took a deep breath, and screamed to the top of her lungs! She took a shallow breath, and let go another piercing scream!

“How do I escape this prison of hate and resentment? Let me out!”

Soon after…

Late one night, her thumping heart spoke…”There is a way.

But it’s the Only Way.

It’s the Truth.

It’s the Life.

It’s Forgiveness.”


It didn’t happen "all of a sudden," or soon or the next day or week, or even a time she could exactly recall. But, it happened.

It was a change in the condition of her heart.

There is a hidden treasure…a Lesson-Learned…in every adversity.

Search for it, & you'll find it!

… Mother had to start over many, many, many times…over & over again…practicing forgiveness-intentions…Intending to Feel peace.

The Love of God is







If you want peace, you can have it. It's free. It's yours. Search for it, & you will find it!

& find your place of peace!

Unlock the prison door. Come out. You’ll find the sun is shining. Let me introduce you to Someone to help!


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