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You're Running Out of Peace! Here's How to Get it Back!

Life is full of challenges, and for some, utter turmoil!

Health challenges, not to mention "not enough money", "not enough to eat". What about "not enough support or help from anyone." That's a big one.

Finding answers to today's challenges creates confusion and frustration. Makes you wonder: Where does it end?

Just today, I walked indoors, from a cold, windy, frustrating day, I sat down, and I just broke down and cried. I looked around the empty room, searching for consolation. I could feel my heart racing, and my head was hurting.

As my eyes "searched" the room for something to "hold onto," I noticed the old Vintage candle-holder on the table, that belonged to Mama. Then, I remembered her words, "God promised to never leave you alone."

Those were the very words to her favorite song, and then, suddenly I found myself smiling. My face still wet with tears, I started to hum that song, "Never Alone."

Next time, when you're searching for peace in all the chaos around you, find something that reminds you of better days. Then, turn your eyes to The Invisible Omnipresent God to solve what you can't seem to solve.


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