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Worried About Money? Start Your Own-Thing to make some extra cash.

"Anything we build can be destroyed by forces beyond our control. But what we have built has a better chance of survival if we start with a strong foundation.

These are the words of an average small-business owner from Canada, named Scott. He started with nothing, and built a business from home making well over $50,000 (CAD) a year.

Open for business

Anyone with a vision of owning a business knows that an investment is necessary to get started. That goes without saying.

You’ll need a building.

You’ll need inventory & equipment.

You’ll need employees to help you.

You’ll need customers to come in and spend money so that you can stay in business!

Online Marketing is much like this, except, the investment is much, much smaller... in dollars, that is.

You can work from anywhere.

You need a computer or iPad, and a place to sit.

You are “your employee!”

Now, all you need is to get the word out. Your customer base is the world-wide web!

But there is something you need, that conventional business-owners also need, and those who are successfully earning enough money to sustain themselves have this one thing in abundance.

Stick-to-it-ness. (Stubborn determination.) You cannot, and will not succeed without it!

Remember Scott? He mentioned the need for a strong foundation for your business. Here’s something else to consider if you’re looking to start a business in Marketing:

Think about 3 things:

  • If I weren’t building a business, what would I be doing with my time?

  • If it takes years to start turning a profit, would this all be worth it?

  • Am I enjoying the way I’m spending my time working this business, or is it a “chore?”


Needless to say, the Online Entrepreneur must have a certain mind-set, and a clear focus. This person has to be persistent, with a stubborn-sort of character, rejoicing in the small accomplishments that come every day from the long, late, early, unpaid hours of work.

This is a special mind-set, that comes out of Self-Development.

And as You develop, you will add value to the online marketplace, gaining the trust & respect of online friends, using

  • Social Media,

  • online traffic,

  • using email marketing,

  • funnels, and

  • ad communities.

"Creating value – when you run a business, you make a difference! You can create products to solve problems for your customers or clients. You can matter to them and change lives for the better." (Nellie Akalp)

An online internet business offers anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a working system, the opportunity to build a money-making business - for a very small investment of time and effort. You only need to engage a system, follow the plan, put forth the effort and be consistent.
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