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Now That this is Year is Almost Over, What's Next?

The older I get, the faster time flies by, or so it seems. When this year began, I had high hopes of doing new things with my house, my business and my music. Now, as I reflect, for many reasons, none of those things were accomplished.

I could blame the City- Department for the fact that the work on my house didn't get done because the street was torn-up in front of my house,

and I could blame my ragged financial situation on the fact that the advertising budget for my business is basically non-existent.

And I could blame my hectic work schedule for the fact that my music-composition goals were not reached, even a little!

But in quiet reflection, I realize that none of those things are to blame.

It's true that the landscape truck cannot fit down my street right now. But then there remains the fact that nothing is preventing me from getting outside into the yard, and doing some much-needed pruning, planting, and re-organization, that would make the house look a lot better!

The same applies for my financial situation. I have complete control over how much money I spend and what I purchase.

I even have control over how much time I spend on each thing I do, once my work day is over. My spare time and my money are budgeted by only me. I have total control to say "yes" or to simply say "no."

So, what's next? The new year is about control. It's about the power I have to turn my future, into a better one! The way my surroundings look, the way my bank account looks, and the way I feel at the end of the day... depends mainly on my choices.

...What's next? ... Smarter choices!

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