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Why You May Want to Make a Change by this Father's Day!

You ask, “Why should I change? Everything is fine.”

But the reality is, ‘everything’ is not fine.

Just having to face the realities of conflict, chaos, confusion, jealousy, bitterness, resentment & depression is a painful thing …without even considering all those other feelings!

I remember sitting on the couch in my father's living-room, with tears rolling down my face, my heart racing, my ears burning, and that anxious desire to jump up and run out of the door!

But I needed him to understand me! And, what's more, he needed me to understand him.

It was urgent enough for me to stay and work it out, so that I could sleep better, laugh at jokes again, and to free myself from the cage of anger & resentment where I lived for years!

Now, years later, I am actually living the life of my dreams. Turns out, Daddy was right. Not meaning to, I found myself listening to his point of view…and over time, taking his advice.

Years have gone by…

Finally, I'm really happy, not that I don't have problems, aches & pains. But I have succeeded at what I wanted to accomplish, and the motivation to experience more and new things, and to create and re-create…That's where I live everyday!

Now I realize that change is often a good thing, because it leads to growth!

I learned the hard way, that when we simply accept the need to make a change, we open the window to possibilities beyond what we know & see!

You can actually feel the ‘rush’ of 'new, fresh air' as you breathe-in

("Make that change.")


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