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Why Valentine’s Day is Important for Your Health

Anything, natural or man-made, that is left alone and unattended, eventually, shrivels & dies.

But it’s remarkable how well the human mind tolerates loneliness.

Still, isolation is not good.

Think about this: The simple act of smiling at a stranger does something ‘on the inside’ of that person...Something powerful to the soul of that stranger. It’s how and why we are all connected to one another.

So, that “holiday” called Valentine’s Day is one more opportunity to share love. And when you do, that unseen power that works in all human beings, will begin to heal you, and those you share It with!

Share love...Cheers! ~~ Here’s to your health!


“Our world is a joint creation. We have the power...[and we, each, have a profound affect] on those around us!” ~ Mary J. Ruwart

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