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What Does It Mean to Feel Like You're Really "Free?" (Hint: It's simple.)

There was a time in my life when I could not simply do whatever I felt like doing. I couldn't turn on the TV at anytime of night. I couldn't open the refrigerator and pick something to eat whenever I felt like it…because, It wasn't my refrigerator. (And I remember owning a refrigerator, but had very little in it.) I remember a time when I didn't have a radio handy, or an mp3-player, or an iPad, or even a computer. There was a time when we had nothing. You see, Hurricane Katrina blew through our hometown, and destroyed it all.

But, now, many years later, here we are…

It's not a secret…It's well-known and accepted, that "what you focus on becomes your reality."

Truth is, I've always believed in the Unseen. So even though I didn't see the streaming device, I believed that one day, I Would own one!

A "freed" soul is one Who Believes. No food, no music, no drug nor large amounts of alcoholic drink…will inspire you, if you doubt your freedom. Dare to believe.

When dark times come, know that it is temporary. Believe things will get better. The soul that is free feels joy, even when in pain.

* Soon, the simple things in life, like, for instance, the savory smell of good food, will remind you that you are blessed;

* That song on the radio, or even a catchy commercial jingle, will make you want to nod or rock;

* That silly, or exciting TV show or movie will hold your attention …and will help you to smile, and to feel good once again!

I pray that you are One Who Believes in hope. And when adversity strikes close, continue to believe. And continue to hope, relax & rest your mind, using tools such as






watching a good movie,

enjoying a healthy, savory dish …

…because whatever you're escaping, these tools have the ability to transport you to a better place!


For more on hope for healing, visit my blog,

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