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How Important is Spiritual Health in Business?

When you’re interacting with others during the day, is it for “business” or “pleasure?”

I like to have it both ways!

There is no doubt that in order to pay the bills, I need to make the customer happy, keep him or her engaged, and coming back for more. That’s dollars in the bank, and the bills are getting paid, & my business is flourishing. No brain-er! Right?

But how do I continue, day in and day out, to be genuine, courteous when someone is rudely complaining, and still feel energetic until the end of the day?

That’s where the making-money-thing becomes down-right tedious.

Building a business is hard work. The rate of small-business failure can be imitating, but for the spiritually-healthy business-owner, there is an edge!

Spiritual health, some believe, is not as important as other factors to one’s overall wellness.

But that’s not quite accurate.

Actually, spiritual health is The most important factor to one’s overall success.

Spiritually weak individuals make weak decisions. Weak decisions lead to problems in life. Cause and effect.

I choose to build my business on a firm, solid foundation. With a strong mind that is spiritually rooted, the decisions that I make actually come from a Higher Power, All-Knowing, Ever-Presence, that Loves me unconditionally!

Inside that space, everything that happens, every decision that I make, may not always be the best thing, or even the right thing. ...But...Big But... will always work-out for my good.

That’s a spiritual assurance...and “insurance, in the bank!”

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