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Doing This One Simple Thing Can Effect Your Future

Look Up! What Do You See?

Two people looking up at the clouds in the sky, will see Two very different formations in the same clouds! How is this possible?

When you look at the sky, you will see that cloud-formations look differently to every other person, although they are looking at the same thing. Stars, Cloud-formations, and many other sky phenomena appear differently to different people.

It's wonderful…& full of wonder...our sky...

Our sky is full of awe, so if you're down…Look up!

Think about the amazement of a meteor that survives its passage through the earth's atmosphere … and such that strikes the ground for our enjoyment!

A young child might imagine seeing Santa & his reindeer streaking across the winter, Christmas-Eve night sky! Can you imagine the "wonder" of youthful imagination?

Next time you're feeling down,

stop …take some time…and look up! Imagine a better future on the horizon!

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