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"Comfort Food" - So Comforting, So Beneficial. Or is it?

There's a reason we find certain foods to be "comforting."

According to Wikipedia, comfort foods provide sentimental or nostalgic value for our minds, specifically for the individual or even specifically, for a culture! After all, some social gatherings are focused around certain foods, like Gumbo for Christmas, or Pizza for TV night!

But does that contribute to our health? Or is it harmful to our health?

And...If it makes us happy, isn't that all that matters? After all, the whole point is to bring Comfort.

Most of the time, I crave something salty. Sometimes it's a sweet thing. And it seems that these cravings have a pattern …

Feeling the need for something salty is triggered by a TV-night event. And Christmas day is especially special if I have something especially sweet!

Here's a way to find comfort while maintaining a routine that won't get you into trouble with your doctor!

  1. Save the comfort food for a time when you are relaxed.

  2. Limit your intake during social gatherings to avoid "over-doing" it.

  3. Do not add salt to salty snacks, or sugar to already-sweetened snacks.

  4. "Comfort yourself" with food - always... in moderation…always!

Sounds like your mother? Well, just remember…

Self-scolding will help keep the pounds off, and will make your visits to the doctor a little more pleasant!


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