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An Escape to Anywhere (A Free Tension-Reliever!)

When I was a child, (let's just ‘pretend’ it was in the 1950's), in order to see a good movie, we had to go to the Movie Theater. I remember getting dressed and paying at the outside window for a ticket, and the smell of popcorn in the lobby!

Now, it doesn't take a lot to see a "good" movie. All I need is my phone! The technology for streaming entertainment allows me to watch a movie

  • while I'm in line at the grocery store, or

  • In the mall, or

  • waiting to see the doctor or dentist, or

  • when commuting on public transit…

… almost anywhere, anytime I have a battery-charged device! How cool…the ability to escape no matter where I, physically, may be!

And just imagine what a BIG SCREEN will do to my mind…with surround sound…high definition color…and suddenly,

…while sitting in 90-degree weather in my living-room, In my mind, I’m a strong man, who is climbing a snow-covered mountain in Montana!

Or, I love the feeling of skate-boarding on the snow & ice, with a couple who are half my age, and flying down the slopes!

But, for sure I'm also a fan of surfing the waves off the coast of sunny California,

…although … if I look outside my living-room window, it's actually raining and very cold & windy.

This is the magic of video!

Movies have the ability to transport us from one place to another in seconds, depending on our "Internet speed!"


Remember, what you consider a "good movie," may be the wrong choice for someone else.

But whatever your choice, enjoy what you love, get into it, and forget about your troubles for an hour or two!

No wonder, the term "movie" is searched for more than health or healing.


Watch free movies online…

This is a search that keeps on giving! Find a movie you like!

Relieve stress & tension tonight. Watch a “good” movie!



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