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"God Is Good All the Time" and
"We Don't Need No More Wars!"
The whole world needs to listen & hear what the Spirit is saying to our hearts...
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Listen to uplifting music!~ 
"LaJuan Cynthia on Soundcloud!"

My goal is to help change the world and change the hearts of mankind with simple yet honest melodies.

God changed me then He blessed me with my beautiful wife. From that moment I was able to take time and sit down and write, being more comfortable.


Writing is just another blessing from God. So I write just about every day, just like I pray and thank God for my wife and I use that strength to get me through the day.


~ 3 G's Foods ~

Enjoy Stewed Shrimp, Seafood and Chicken Gumbo, Jambalaya, and much more!


We'll serve a few or a crowd. Contact us for more info!


3rd-Generation Gumbo recipe!

Listen to a song that Sister LaJuan wrote... to encourage. 

Her voice fills the air with hope!

Three Generations of fine recipes have been handed down, hence, the name "3Gs!"



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Music to help you de-stress & relax!

  • "soul-ution" for

  • sleep problems

  • stress- & tension-reduction

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